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The futureof plastics

requires a consistent thinking in material cycles. How can plastic products finish their lifetime no longer as waste, but as valuable components of natural or technical cycles? Quite a lot of such materials and technologies do already exist, a lot of them are in progress, and some are just a vision. The online-event an 15 June makes the latest developments visible for innovative processors and applicators and enables the direct exchange with scientists and researchers.


    BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding

    Since its premiere in 2018, the BIOPOLYMER congress brings processors and applicators, manufacturers, suppliers and researchers of biobased, biodegredable plastics together. Participants and speakers of the first two events came from Europe, Asia and overseas. Due to the corona pandemic the convention in 2021 is organized as a purely digital event. The lectures will be held in German or English and be translated simultaneously into the other language. In 2022 the congress will hopefully enter the real stage of the Halle Messe again - and broadvast live on the internet, too.


    BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award

    Who will get the coveted trophies, donated by POLYKUM for outstanding innovations in the field of biobased, biodegredable plastics in 2O21? The secret will be revealed during the awards ceremony at the end of the congress day.
    The winners will present their prize-decorated projects in the accompanying exhibition and also in the final lessons of the BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding congress.
    Applications for the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Awards 2O21 can be admitted until 30 April. Please click the following link for further information:

Sessions overview


Lectures in German or English, simultaneous translated.



Welcoming and some technical notes.

Peter Putsch
Chairman, Polykum e.V.



Keynote 1
Sustainability of polymers - The EU Plastics Strategy and the circular economy
Klaus Rehda
Ministery of Environment, Agriculture and Energy,

9.45–10.15Keynote 2
Perspectives of German-Indian economic relations

Seema Bhardwaj/ Boris Alex
Germany Trade and Invest (India)

10.15–10.45Markets & Opportunities
Market Potential of biodegredable plastics in India.
Dr. Raju Desai
Management Board of
The All India Plastics Manufacturers' Association

10.45–11.00Coffee break
 Session 1
Raw materials for biopolymers – biopolymers as raw materials

11.00–11.30From Willich (Germany) to Pune (India) - Focusing on biopolymers from different viewpoints
Patrick Zimmermann
FKUR Kunststoff GmbH

11.30–12.00Efficient additives for plastics from nature
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Pfaendner
Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF

12.00–12.30Paving the way for home compostable packaging with BioPBS – What's Next?
Julian Schmeling
Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH

12.30–13.00Lunch time

Session 2
Procession of biodegredable polymers

13.00–13.30PLA monofilaments after artificial aging under filter relevant conditions
Christina Schippers
German Textile Research Center North-West

13.30–14.00Thermoforming of bio-based plastics with ILLIG machine and tool technology
Christoph Stoye
ILLIG Technology Center (ITC)

14.00–14.303D printing of biopolymers - holistic resource-saving
Dr.-Ing. Nicolai Lammert
Yizumi Germany GmbH

14.30–14.45Coffee break 
 BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award 
14.45 - 15.00Review of the First Prize winner of 2019
Biofibre GmbH


Discourse of the three finalist's projects
(in reverse alphabetical order of company's names)

15.00–15.15Traceless - replacing plastics
by materials from nature

traceless materials GmbH

15.15-15.30Nature Fresh: a packaging cling film
protecting food - and the environment

Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.
15.30-15.45Lawn pegs for robotic mowers:
mass items becoming soil - instead of micro plastic.

Genisys GmbH & Co. KG
15.45-16.00Awarding Ceremony
BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award

Presentation of the winners

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