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The BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award is announced  to make pioneering developments in the field of biodegredable plastics available to a broader public. The prize is intended to honour pathbreaking products or applications of biodegredable polymers, but also technological innovations for production, processing, composting or recycling of biodegredable plastics.


The BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award is open to companies, researching institutes and associations, project groups or individuals from all over the world and all branches. The applicants should have completed an innovative product or application of biodegredable plastics or a technological procedure for production, processing, composting or recycling of biopolymer products.
It is assumed that the applications include an intrinsic biodegredability. It means, that the used materials at the end of their lifetime should be able to be metabolized by microorganisms and enzyms into biomass to get part of natural cycles.
The products/ proceedings should be successful launched on the market or be developed to market maturity.

Awarding ceremony

The official awarding ceremony is one of the highlights of the „BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding“ congress on 14/ 15 June 2021 live on stage and online. The winners are invited to present their innovations to the congress' audience.

The winners 2019

The Award

Biodegredable plastics can contribute to a sustainable industrial production. These materials complete the carbon cycle and minimize the plastic waste. The new EU plastics strategy works in the same direction. But yet those materials represent nowadays just a very small part of the world plastic output. Their potentials are not exhausted by far.
In this context the non-profit association POLYKUM, provided by the State of Sachsen-Anhalt, offers the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award after the successful premiere last year for the second time. The prize honours pioneering technological developments and products of biodegradable plastics that are able to prepare the ground for further developments of those materials. 
There are three prizes awarded: The main prize, endowed with 2,000 Euro, a second and a third prize (both not including a cash recompense).

Jury and selection procedure

The award winners are chosen by an independant jury made up of following experts of economy, science, politics and media (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Martin Bussmann, team leader Biodegradable Packaging and Technical Marketing, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen.
  • Simone Fischer, editor of the industry magazin „Plastverarbeiter“ ("Plastics Processor"), Hüthig GmbH, Heidelberg.
  • Dr. Patrick Hirsch, expert of bioplastic materials at the Fraunhofer Institute for Materials and Systems (IMWS) Halle (Saale) und at the Fraunhofer Pilotanlagenzentrum (PAZ) Schkopau.
  • Andreas Höfflin, head of department of innovation, economic development and foreign trade in the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalization Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg.
  • Peter Putsch, Chairman of POLYKUM e. V., Merseburg.

The prize winners will be selected by majority decision based on the above mentioned criteria (see objectives). All jury members have the same quantum and quality of votes. After a joint assessment and discussion every juror decides independent and autonomous. The applicants who unite the most votes are the winners.  The legal recourse is excluded.

BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding

The awarding ceremony will be held at the „BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding 2021“ congress on June 2021 15th in Halle (Saale).

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