Call for Papers: Your presentation at BIOPOLYMER congress 2024

With the “Call for Papers”, POLYKUM e.V. is starting the official preparations for the international congress “BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Molding” 2024 at Fakuma. Applications for the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award can also be submitted from this day onwards. In addition, the congress organizers are offering a completely new opportunity for users and processors to get involved in the conference at an early stage. You can find out more in this article.

Das Impulsreferat auf dem Kongress 2023 hielt mit Dr. Christian Patermann der "Vater der Bioökonomie" in der Europäischen Union.

Merseburg, October 17, 2023. Since its premiere in 2018, the congress has grown into one of the most far-reaching conferences in the field of bio-based and biodegradable plastics: The “BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Molding” congress, organized by the non-profit supporting association POLYKUM from Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt ), reached more than 550 participants from over 40 countries in each of the past two years - from the USA to India, from Norway to South Africa.
On June 11, 2024, Australia will be the partner country of the congress, which, like last year, can be followed simultaneously in the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Hall in Halle an der Saale (for invited guests) and worldwide in a free of charge live stream.

The conference is particularly valued for its practical relevance. When selecting speakers, POLYKUM e.V. focuses primarily on new developments and problem solutions in the field of bioplastics with high utility value for processors, users and developers. "But we also regularly focus on exclusive insights into markets and in-depth analyzes of political issues", adds Polykums chairman Peter Putsch, "our association is committed to the transfer of knowledge between research institutions, companies and users for more than 20 years now".
With the “Call for Papers” starting today, POLYKUM e.V. is encouraging researchers and developers from all over the world to submit presentation topics for the three sessions “Biopolymers and Additives”, “Processes and Applications” and “Recycling and Biodegradability”. The online form through which interested parties can submit their suggestions will be available until December 15th.
The fourth session of the congress is traditionally reserved for the winners of the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Awards. Applications for the coveted trophies, three of which have been awarded each year since 2019, can be submitted from Tuesday to April 15th. An online form is also available for this.
The “Call for Questions” button is also new on the congress' website. For example, processors or product developers who have encountered specific problems when using bioplastics can use it to submit their questions, as can consumers or users. According to the motto “Do you have any questions? We know the experts who can give answers!” POLYKUM consciously relies on a low-threshold offer, as chairman Peter Putsch emphasizes: “People can even use our form to anonymously submit if they would like to know more. There are no mandatory fields.” Anyone who leaves at least an email address will receive a personal response, promises the owner of a 100 years old, family-owned compounding company, “otherwise we will respond via the media or our website or at the congress.” Particularly interesting questions could also lead to a topic for a lecture at the congress. “In this case, the questioners who leave us a contact option will receive an invitation to the live event in Halle’s Handel Hall on June 11th.”

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