POLYKUM e. V. – Organization

The “POLYKUM   - Association for the Promotion of Polymer Development and Plastics Technology“ was founded on 30 Octobre 2002 and is located in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany).

The non-profit organization views its main task in the support of science-, innovation- and technology transfer between companies, scientific institutions and applicators. Find out more about:

- our objectives and

- what we do for our members.

Der Vorstand

Dr. Patrick Hirsch (vice chairman), Matthias J. Maurer (treasurer) and Peter Putsch (managing chairman, l.to r.) form the executive board of the POLYKUM e. V. since Dezember 10th 2018. The board is leading the Associtaion statutable for four years until 2022.


Here you can find an Overview of our members.