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Application for Award 2024

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Awarding ceremony

The awarding ceremony is one of the highlights of the „BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding“ online congress on 13 June 2023 taking place in Halle (Saale), Germany and streamed live worldwide with attendees of 45 countries (registered in 2022). The winners are invited to present their innovations to this worldwide audience.

The Award

Bio-based and biodegradable plastics are key materials for eco-efficient material cycles, for an environment free of microplastics and for the minimization of the use of fossil raw materials. Corresponding research and develop­ment activities are, however, still in their infancy. Plastics and products with these special quality features are still not  very common. Against this background, the non-profit organization POLYKUM 2023 is offering the international BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award for the fourth time in order to make pioneering innovations in the field of bioplastics better known, to promote their spread and to encourage the networking of the experts across all branches.

The prize honours pioneering products and technological developments of biodegradable plastics that are able to prepare the ground for further developments of those materials. There are three prizes awarded: The main prize, endowed with 2,000 Euro, a second and a third prize (both not including a cash recompense).

Jury and selection procedure

The award winners are chosen by an independant jury made up of following experts of economy, science, politics and media (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Martin Bussmann, Manager Renewable Polymers and Chemicals, Neste Germany GmbH, Düsseldorf.
  • Simone Fischer, editor of the industry magazin „Plastverarbeiter“ ("Plastics Processor"), Hüthig GmbH, Heidelberg.
  • Dr. Patrick Hirsch, expert of bioplastic materials at the Fraunhofer Institute for Materials and Systems (IMWS) Halle (Saale) und at the Fraunhofer Pilotanlagenzentrum (PAZ) Schkopau.
  • Peter Putsch, Chairman of POLYKUM e. V., Merseburg.
  • Michael Walter, Business Development Manager, Hexpol TPE GmbH, Lichtenfels.

The prize winners will be selected by majority decision based on the above mentioned criteria (see objectives). All jury members have the same quantum and quality of votes. After a joint assessment and discussion every juror decides independent and autonomous. The applicants who unite the most votes are the winners.  The legal recourse is excluded.

BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding

The awarding ceremony will be held at the „BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding 2023“ online congress on June 14th 2023 in Halle (Saale), Germany.

To the BIOPOYLMER 2023 website

Attendance, awarding and categories


Applications may be submitted until 23 April 2023, decisive is the date of receiving.


The official awarding ceremony will be held at the „BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding 2023“ International Congress on 13 June 2023 in Halle(Saale), Germany and online. The congress is one of most important in the field of biopolymers with registered participants from 45 countries in 2022.


There are three prizes awarded: The main prize, endowed with 2,000 Euro, a second and a third prize (both not including a cash recompense). Every winner receives a certificate, a trophy and the opportunity  to present their innovations in a lecture at the BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding 2023“ congress. Further POLYKUM supports the winners in their PR campaigns and press works.


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