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The futureof plastics

requires a consistent thinking in material cycles. How can plastic products finish their lifetime no longer as waste, but as valuable components of natural or technical cycles? Quite a lot of such materials and technologies do already exist, a lot of them are in progress, and some are just a vision.

The online-event on 13 June 2023 makes the latest developments visible for innovative processors and applicators and enables the direct exchange with scientists and researchers.



    BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding

    With up to 700 registered participants from 45 countries the congress, organized by the non-profit association  POLYKUM in Merseburg (Germany), evolved into one of the largest events of its kind worldwide. In 2023 this successful format is to be further developed with lectures live on stage in Halle (Saale), the heart of the "Central German Chemical Triangle". Our partnership country of the year is Vietnam, one of the most fascinating growth markets in the field of bioplastics.

    Since its premiere in 2018, the BIOPOLYMER Processing and Moulding congress brings processors and applicators, manufacturers, suppliers and researchers of biobased, biodegredable plastics together. Due to the corona pandemic the convention in 2021 was organized as a purely digital event. India was presented as partner country. In the following year the focus of the event was on Central and South America. In 2023 our participants can enjoy the same comfort as known from this online premiere. All lectures can be followed online by common PC or tablet browsers. The lessons will be held in English. The online-tickets can be booked online probably from the end of April 2023 on this webpage free of charge.


    BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award

    Who will get the coveted trophies for outstanding innovations in the field of biodegredable plastics in 2O23? The secret will be revealed during the awards ceremony in the final session of the congress. The winners will present their prize-decorated projects in special lessons of the BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding congress and and be available for questions after their talks. Applications for the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Awards 2O23 can be admitted until 23 April.

    The handmade trophies will be awarded for the fourth time since 2019 by the non-profit Association POLYKUM (Merseburg, Germany). Previous winners came from Italy, Finland, Belgium, Brazil and Germany. Their projects, awarded by the interdisciplinary jury, show pioneering ways for packaging, gardening, construction, medicine and engineering, based on biodegredable plastics. The call for entries and the application form can be downloaded on the website www.polykum.de/en/biopolymer-award

Sessions overview

13 June 2023


All Lectures in English.

Scheduled Times: Central European Summer Time (CEST/ Berlin).
Hanoi: +5.00 hours
New York: -6.00 hours.


9.00 – 9.05



Peter Putsch
Polykum e.V.


9.05 – 9.10

Videomessage to the congress

Dr. Reiner Haseloff
Prime Minister
State of Saxony-Anhalt


9.10 – 9.40

Keynote 1

Recent developments of the Bioeconomy in Europe and worldwide -Current crisis as opportunities

Dr. Christian Patermann
Former Director, European Commission
"Father" of the European Bioeconomy


9.40 - 9.50


Vietnam - Southeast Asia's industrial powerhouse

Peter Buerstedde
Director Vietnam
Germany Trade & Invest


9.50 – 10.10

Keynote 2

The overview of Vietnam plastics industry

Huynh Thi My
Secretary General
Vietnam Plastics Association (VPA)



Keynote 3

Biodegradable plastics made in Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Le Thang Long
Deputy CEO of An Phat Holdings,
President of EPMA - Ecofriendly Products Manufacturers Association of Vietnam



Coffee break



Session 1
Bioeconomy and raw materials



Development and assessment of biorefinery processesfor the conversion of biomass into polymers

Arne Gröngröft
Head of research group separation processes and process developmentDBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum



UPM’s first-of-its kind biorefinery in Leuna

Dr. Konrad Gebauer
Head of Process Development
UPM Biochemicals GmbH Leuna



Production of lactic acid from biowaste

Dr.-Ing. Joachim Venus
Head of Research Group "Bioconversion" / Dept. Microbiom Biotechnology
ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy



Lunch break

 Session 2
Biopolymers and additives



Additive Technologies for Bioplastics

Dr. Sebastian Heßner
Head of Application Technology Compounds
Evonik Operations GmbH



Closed-loop recyclable and non-persistent polyethylene-like materials

M.Sc.Marcel Eck
Dept. of Chemistry / Research Group Prof. Dr. Mecking
University of Konstanz



Development of High Temperature Resistant Stereokomplex PLA

Sebastian Körber
Scientific Assistant
Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT

14.30–14.45Coffee break
 Session 3


Basic textile technology studies for processing of PBS films and nonwovens

Ralf Taubner
Research associate/ scientific officer
Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI e.V.)



Bioresins in injection molding applications: benefits, challenges and opportunities

Oliver Schindler
Application Engineering/ Team Leader "Hot Runners"
Husky Technologies



PBS as a mono material for sandwich components

Annerose Hüttl
Research assistant Processing Technology
Kunststoff-Zentrum Leipzig



Coffee break

BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award





Retrospective view of the award winner 2022

Pierre de Kettenis
Home Eos SA (Farciennes/Belgium)
in talk with Dr. Martin Bussmann and Michael Walter (Jury)




Pitches of the Laureates 2023

Cellscrew® – Sustainable cell culture system
Felix Wollenhaupt
Green Elephant GmbH (Gießen/ Germany)

Plactid® – Innovative PLA-copolymers
Dr. Johannes Fuchs

SoBiCo GmbH (Bad Sobernheim/ Germany)

Caremelt® – Biological melt adhesive
Dr. Stefan Fischer

TITK e.V., (Rudolstadt/ Germany)



Awarding Ceremony



Closing words

and outlook on BIOPOLYMER Congress 2024

Peter Putsch
Polykum e.V.


18.00 / Open end

Get-together in George Frederic Handel Hall
for attendees in Halle (Saale)


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The congress will be streamed worldwide live

George-Frederick-Handel-Hall in Halle (Saale).

The on-site event as a hybride congress is a premiere to us
and for organisational reasons
reserved for speakers, Award's laureates and invited guests.



Tickets for online participants

can be booked without of charge here (as long as stock lasts). 
Online participants from all over the world can, as in previous years,
follow all lectures live and ask questions to the speakers in the chat.


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