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The futureof plastics

requires a consistent thinking in material cycles. How can plastic products finish their lifetime no longer as waste, but as valuable components of natural or technical cycles? Quite a lot of such materials and technologies do already exist, a lot of them are in progress, and some are just a vision.

The online-event on 14 June makes the latest developments visible for innovative processors and applicators and enables the direct exchange with scientists and researchers.


    BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding

    With more than 700 registered participants from 42 countries the congress, organized by the non-profit association  POLYKUM in Merseburg (Germany), evolved into one of the largest events of its kind worldwide. In 2022 this successful format is to be further developed. Our Partner region of the year is Central and South America, one of the likely largest growth markets in the field of bioplastics.

    Since its premiere in 2018, the BIOPOLYMER Processing and Moulding congress brings processors and applicators, manufacturers, suppliers and researchers of biobased, biodegredable plastics together. Due to the corona pandemic the convention in 2021 was organized as a purely digital event. India was presented as partner country. In 2022 our participants can enjoy the same comfort as known from this online premiere. All lectures can be followed online by common PC or tablet browsers. The lessons will be held in English or German and be translated simultaneously into the other language. The Participation needs only a registration and is free of charge.


    BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award

    Who will get the coveted trophies for outstanding innovations in the field of biodegredable plastics in 2O22? The secret will be revealed during the awards ceremony in the final session of the congress. The winners will present their prize-decorated projects in special lessons of the BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Moulding congress and and be available for questions after their talks. Applications for the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Awards 2O22 can be admitted until 30 April.

    The handmade trophies will be awarded for the third time since 2019 by the non-profit Association POLYKUM (Merseburg, Germany). Previous winners came from Italy, Finland and Germany. Their projects, awarded by the five-member jury, show pioneering ways for packaging, gardening, construction, medicine and engineering, based on biodegredable plastics. Please click the following link for further information:

Sessions overview


Presentations in Englisch,
simultaneaously translated  into Spanish.
Times: Central European Summertime (CEST/ Berlin).
Mexico City/ Bogota: -7.00 hours.
Neu Delhi: +5,30 hours


9.00–9.15 am

Welcome to the congress!
Greetings and some technical notes

Peter Putsch
Polykum e.V.
Merseburg (Germany)


9.15 – 9.45 am

Keynote 1
Genetically engineered supercharged polypeptides: from sequence control to function

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann
DWI Leibniz Institute for Interaktive Materials/
Institute of Technical und Makromolecular Chemistry
RWTH University


9.45 – 10.15 am

Keynote 2
Cradle to Cradle biopolymeres as an opportunity to solve the microplastic problem

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
EPEA - Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH, Hamburg/
Chair of Ecodesign, Leuphana University

10.15–10.30 amCoffee break

Session 1
Bioeconomy and raw materials

10.30–11.00 amNesteRE options for compostable polymers
Dr. Martin Bussmann
Neste Germany GmbH
Düsseldorf (Germany)

11.00-11.30 amBioprocess plant design for the fermentative produktion of bioplastics
Dr. Frank Emde
Heinrich Frings GmbH & Co KG
Bonn (Germany)

11.30–12.00 pmQIRA - the next generation of 1,4 Butanediol
Benjamin Rump
Helm AG
Hamburg (Germany)

12.00–12.30 pmLunch break
 Session 2
Materials and Additive
12.30–1.00 pmPOLYKUM DigiLab - Virtual material development for thermoplastic biopolymer compounds
Dr. Patrick Hirsch
Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS
Halle (Germany)

1.00–1.30 pmNew sorting and tracking options based on innovative marker technologies
Jochen Moesslein
Polysecure GmbH
Freiburg (Germany)


1.30–2.00 pm

Markets: Latin America (I)
Colombia: Introduction to the economic situation and plastic industry

Janosch Siepen
GTAI - Germany Trade and Invest
Bogota (Colombia)

Economic relationship Mexico - Germany
Edwin Schuh
GTAI - Germany Trade and Invest
Mexico City (Mexico)

2.00–2.15 pmCoffee break
 Session 3
Applications/ Recycling/ Environmental Accounting

2.15–2.45 pmRun PBS in a hot runner mold
Neil Dewar
Mold Masters
Georgetown (Canada)

2.45–3.15 pmBiopolymers - Plastic of the future?
How environmentally friendly are bioplastics?

Thomas Kägi
Carbotech AG
Basel & Zürich (Switzerland)

3.15–3.45 pmMarkets: Latin America (II)
Compostables and regulation in LATAM, an overview from Mexico
Arturo Madero, COO & Cofounder 
Esteban Guzman, Director Comercial Cardia Bioplastics LATAM | Vice President at Asociacion Mexicana de Bioplásticos, A.C.

Mexico City (Mexico)
3.45–4.00 pmCoffee break
 BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award
4.00–4.10 pmReview of the Main Prize winner 2021
Stefano Mele
Gruppo Fabbri Vignola, S.p.A.
Vignola (Italy)

4.10–4.30 pm

Project presentations of the three finalists 2022
(in alphabetical order)

4.30–4.45 pmPrize Ceremony
BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award 2022


4.45–5 pm

Closing words and preview on the Biopolymer congress 2023
Peter Putsch
Polykum e.V.
Merseburg (Germany)

5.00–6.00 pmSpeaker's Corner
In dialogue with lecturers

Corner 1

Dr. Martin Bussmann
Neste Germany GmbH

Corner 2

Janosch Siepen, Director Colombia, Peru Ecuador
Edwin Schuh, Director Mexico, Cuba
Peggy Görlitz, Senior Manager GTAI Berlin
Gloria Rose, GTAI Sao Paulo
GTAI Germany Trade and Invest

6.00 pmEnd of the congress