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Innovation: traceless materials

Traceless Materials is a start-up from Hamburg. The founders Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare convinced the jury with their innovative technology that allows polymers to be extracted and structured from agricultural by-products. The traceless materials technology creates biodegradable materials that have the potential to replace plastics, for example in packaging.

Statement of the jury

Materials from nature that are neither chemically modified nor synthetically polymerized: can we really call it plastics? The discussion about this question during the judging session indicates: traceless materials, a start-up from Hamburg, goes unexplored trails. The process developed by co-founder Anne Lamp, for which a patent is pending, enables storage-stable films, solid materials and thin coatings to be produced from by-products of the agricultural industry. The resulting materials have advantageous properties of plastics but are still completely compostable in nature. The supplementary facts that the source materials do not compete with food production, the process is energy-saving and the end products do not contain harmful additives such as solvents rounds off the master plan of “traceless materials”. Even if there is still extensive research to be done before it is ready for products, the jury awards this innovative approach, from which a new class of compounds can arise, the 2nd prize.


traceless materials GmbH

Phone: +49 (176) 44257717
E-Mail: anne@traceless.eu
www: www.traceless.eu