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Innovation: Short fiber reinforced BiopolymerTMComposit

Earth Renewable Technologies proves that a composite does not necessarily have to consist of several materials in order to optimize properties in an impressive way. The compound FC 10130, which was awarded third prize in 2022, achieves decisive quality improvements in polylactic acid (PLA) by compounding PLA fibers! This creates a mono-material that is more break-resistant and temperature-resistant than conventional, non-fiber-reinforced polylactic acid. On the other hand, because of its purity, it can be recycled without loss of quality and composted without any problems at the end of its (multiple) use.

Statement of the jury

With the awarded technology it is possible to improve the mechanical properties of biopolymers with bio-based fibers. For example, disposable products such as straws or disposable cutlery can still be manufactured with the advantages of a plastic that is naturally decomposed by microbes and enzymes instead of breaking down into microplastics. The company, which was founded twelve years ago in the USA, has been active in Brazil since 2021 because it has set itself the goal of solving the plastic problem in a country where single-use plastic tableware is to be banned. ERT now offers several recipes here. From the point of view of the jury, the compound made of PLA fibers in a PLA matrix, which is made from sugar cane, is a real further development and represents a good perspective for further possible uses of this bioplastic, which is currently the most widely used worldwide. Because the properties of the reinforcing fibers remain with the compound - as well as product manufacturing. They connect well with the matrix WITHOUT merging with it. This is also a masterpiece in terms of compounding technology. With the 3rd prize we honor this biodegradable and bioreinforced mono material.



Contact to the winner

Earth Renewable Technologies (ERT)

Pedro Lutz
Estrada Velha do Barigui, 10511
81.450-020 Curitiba-Parana

Telefon: +55 (51) 991838371
E-Mail: plutz@earthrenewable.com
Internet: www.earthrenewable.com