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Innovation: Stop®Sound®

"stopsound" is a new type of biobased, biodegradable plastic. It absorbs vibrations excellently, is naturally fire-retardant and heat-insulating. Its production requires up to eight times less energy than similar conventional plastics. The sound absorbing foam, which remains permanently elastic without plasticizers, solvents and classified chemicals. Classic petrochemical materials such as bitumen, PVC or EPDM can be replaced by stopsound.

Statement of the jury

The top prize goes to a product that excited all jury members equally. It is biodegradable foam developed for a broad and important field of application - sound and heat insulation.
The material formulation is an in-house development that was not based on conventional bioplastics. The formulation is a combination of proteins, polyol, water, starch and a filler, from which no polymer has been produced before, but which are used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
According to the material data sheet, the foam has, among other benefits, inherently good flame resistance, as it makes only a very limited contribution to fire and has low smoke emission and does not drip/fall off burning within 600 seconds. Furthermore, due to its raw materials, no toxic gases are released during combustion. The biodegradable engineered product has been developed to production readiness and has passed numerous technical tests for use in vehicles, industry and buildings. The winning product of the Biopolymer Innovation Award 2022 is called Stopsound and comes from the Belgian company Home Eos. Congratulations on this promising development.





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