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Innovation: BPB®Nature Fresh®

Nature Fresh is a clear cling film suiteable for manual and automatical packaging of fresh food. After use Nature Fresh can be composted as well in private as in industrial composting facilities according to European standard (EN 13432). The resulting compost can be used for crop farming.

Statement of the jury

Gruppo Fabbri carries out an appealing alternative to conventional cling films for farmers, traders and consumers of fresh food. The packaging machine experts, traditionally also known for their packaging foils, presented with „Nature Fresh“ a cling film, which is comparable with established conservative products in terms of transparency, tightness and handling. But it offers two significant quality advantages: after use „Nature Fresh“ can be metabolized by microorganisms into natural soil. The biodegrading process works as well in home heaps as in industrial composting facilities according to European standard (EN 13432). Further the product of Gruppo Fabbri shows a higher breathability, what has a positive impact to the shelf-life of the wrapped food. And the quality of the resulting compost benefits consumers and the environment. Gruppo Fabbri Vignola realised with nature fresh, what many competitors tried in vain before. The jury honours this breakthrough, that has the power to change the world of mass plastics, with the 1st prize.

Further information: http://www.gruppofabbri.com/en/prodotti/nature-fresh/


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